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Woodstock, GA

Exede Consistency in Different Locations

We may move to a rural area where the fastest internet connection is Exede. In order to determine if Exede is sufficient for our work and entertainment (streaming video), I'm thinking of signing up for Exede here (Atlanta area) for some testing.

My question is: Will Exede provide similar performance in another location (Roanoke VA) as it does here?

Exede Lizz

Davenport, IA

If you can send me the address for both locations I would be more than happy to take a into the service options. Please send an email to exedelistens@viasat.com. Exede/Lizz


reply to mmmtbig
If you haven't done so already, strongly advise that you find/contact an independent Exede dealer/installer in the new area and ask for references from nearby homes. The Roanoke experience may not be representative. As far as I know, your sign-up with Exede in Roanoke will be a 2 year contract and moving it or cancelling can be problematic and/or costly. Depending on the type of service you currently employ, you may or may not be happy with Exede.

Satellite is best for rural areas not served by cable or fast DSL but streaming content can rapidly take all your data allowance. There are many complaints on this forum and the Wildblue forum from disgruntled customers who left satisfactory cable or dsl service and suddenly bumped into Exede's bandwidth caps. Exede is quite fast and can gobble BW in a hurry if you are not careful. My new Sony BluRay player ate nearly a GB just updating its software and a bit of browsing (not even downloading)...in about 16 min.! The whole 10G allowance could be gone in a few hours!


Fresno, OH

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reply to mmmtbig
I am not sure what your other internet options are mmmtbig, but keep in mind there is more to internet than speed. You also have to consider cap levels (if any), latency, and how reliable service will be (i.e. weather).

When you say will Exede meet your streaming video needs? I am not sure what those needs are, but if it is more than say 2 hours of HD content/month, that would basically take up the whole 10GB monthly Exede package. However, if you watch all your entertainment between midnight and 5:00am, you have no restriction on data and I think Exede would meet your needs.

Exede can be great for rural internet users as long as you understand the limitations it has.

Quinault, WA
reply to mmmtbig
said by mmmtbig:

In order to determine if Exede is sufficient for our work and entertainment (streaming video),

Please elaborate on your video streaming desires. Also, what are your alternatives? (ISP speeds and data caps, if they exist.)

As has been mentioned one 2 hour HDX film can consume close to the 10 GB lowest plan data cap. Now if you want to watch two full length films per month, that will cost you another $80 for that one extra film. Exede does offer a Late Night Free Zone with unmetered usage from midnight - 5 AM if you don't mind be entertained in the early morning hours.

Now you can of course watch more HD video or even SD video, which is why you are being asked about the type of amount of video streaming that you desire.

Ask for your question of the performance of Exede-12 in different geographic locations, I don't know the answer, but it seems like the wrong question to be asking.


Fresno, OH
reply to mmmtbig
Another thing. Basically any Exede beam east of the Mississippi is on Viasat-1. Those are all Exede-12 beams. There should be no sigificant difference in performance between beams on Viasat-1. The only thing would be if say one beam was totally loaded and there was a lot of congestion on one beam, and the other beam had minimimal activity.

But as James1979 has said, I don't think you are asking the right questions. Answer the questions that he posted and that will tell us a lot more on your needs and expectations.


Woodstock, GA
reply to Exede Lizz
We haven't finalized our move to purchase yet. Thanks