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Century Link Data-Cap

I was wondering if it was ever clarified whether or not Century Link enforces a data-cap? I use a traffic monitor that is built into my netgear router/modem and have been watching how much data I send/recieve.....

So far this month I have downloaded 547 GB and uploaded 21 GB..... I watch a lot of netflix and download a lot of games. I haven't had my service shut off or limited in anyway thus far....

Does anyone know if there is a cap and if there is, how much would one have to download to get capped?!?!?

they call me Mr. Bill
North Las Vegas, NV
There is a 250GB cap for residential service in the TOS. Enforcement appears to be selective. Business service, even if installed in a residential area, has no usage cap.

My suggestion (for anyone) would be to use what you need, not see how much you can get away with using. No need to draw unnecessary attention to yourself.


Arcadia, FL
i went over the 250gb more then 1 time a month


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Like BillAustin said, there is a cap, but it seems to be selective on who receives it.

I would suggest reading the Excessive Use Policy on their website


Phoenix, AZ
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There definitely is a cap, and yes i go over it from time to time; although, i never get anything from CenturyLink about it.


I think if you don't go over 3 consecutive months you should be fine. I received a webpage redirect when I rebooted my modem that stated my usage for 3 months and I was over by a fair amount every month with no plans to reduce it, I upgraded to Small Business.


Eugene, OR

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When it was Qwest, I never got any warnings, walled gardens, etc. 2012 I got (3) warnings and (1) walled garden. Last year I did try to buy a business class line, but CL wanted $130 a month for 1.5m line. I did buy into their $19.95 special (That was the biggest mistake I ever made) In May of this year, I tried too go back too my old phone service, they said that it was not available. I stopped my phone service and was told that I would get $22.50 month internet for 12 months. Well that has not worked as planned, I have been charged $75+ for the last (3) months and the latest bill shows $45+. During this time they killed my internet for 2 weeks, walled garden (1) time, flashed my modem's FW 2 times and august 25 they started degrading my line, I had a 7168/896 line that has worked fine for the last 4 years and before that I was at 1.5 from 2001 to 2006 and 3m line up till I got the 7m 4 years ago. Last week the local Tec got me back to 7m and also found a bridge tap and fixed it, he said I should be able to get 12m now, that was on the 29th but by the 31st my bit/tone graph dropped from 14bit too 6bit in length. For those that don't know; 16bits of data per tone, adsl where I live uses tones from 33kHz to 254kHz for DL part, my up tone 13kHz-31kHz has not changed from 12 to 13 bits of data each.

The last time I talked to the billing department, I ask them why they were doing this to me, answer (We Can)
I guess that's the difference between (government urinating on your back and calling it warm rain) verse's (Corporate in your face)

When I was talking to the local Tec, I told him about my billing problem, he told me about a guy across town that pissed off someone at CL this year; the guy would lose phone & internet 2 to 3 times a week after several work orders he found out some one in CL was turning the guys line off, he does not know how they got it stopped, but this lasted almost a month this last spring. Our conclusion was it was 3rd party contractors that CL uses.

All I can say is do not piss them off!

250gb is 10+ years old policy that qwest had in place but it was not enforced, when I did a lot of torrent sharing I could burn threw that in a week.

Update just lost another meg


Houston, TX
I work on the CLNK tech support desk. In the past 6 mos I don't remember a single call from a customer who had a data cap issue. It's quite rare.


Olathe, KS
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From what I've read on here and through the grapevine (tech support, fields techs), apparently CLink does the metering on a quarterly basis. So once every three months, if your cumulative download is above 750GB, you get some nice 'love mail' from them or a walled garden message on your internet connection. However, i've yet to see that to my face - so take it for what it's worth.

Anyhow, been getting close to these caps (as seen by the image below) with the new additions to the network; mainly with four android phones in the household and multimedia streaming to the TV's. The bandwidth consumption i have seen has been on the rise here.

Polling pfSense's RRD graphs, it would appear from a year ago to this day (12 months), transfer consumed was 2.98TB download in that time. Compared to the previous year where it was 2.16TB.


Davenport, IA
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Or you will get a termination notice without any other warning. I got a 3rd and final one and they are terminating my account even though I didn't get a 1st or 2nd notice. But of course they will gladly switch me to a business account where I can pay 5-8 times the amount.


Salt Lake City, UT
"All I can say is do not piss them off!"

I'd contact the local city or state elected rep. They have contact with CenturyLink's reps and I've seen good results from working with mine.


Thats funny... I directly asked if there was a cap and was told 'No'..