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Etobicoke, ON

[DSL] DSL Issues

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Here's the symptoms I've been having:

1. DSL will disconnect. The Modem will resync a couple of times and then it will eventually reconnect. It's never stable.

2. Sometimes when it resyncs, it resyncs at a lower profile. I am on 15/800 and sometimes it will resync back to that or as low as 12/800.

I pulled the abov screenshot from my modem.

Now I have called Teksavvy and I do have a Bhell tech coming out on the weekend, but I wanted to exhaust all possibility that it's me causing this.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

Cunningham's Law Enthusiast

Windsor, ON

Looks like you're on a 16/1 profile and getting partial sync on both up and down. This is leading to the intermittent sync you're seeing. The line quality is poor and that's what Bell will be looking into.


Etobicoke, ON

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How do you know that the line quality is poor and that I'm getting partial sync.



6db SNR is rather low.

»Windstream DSL FAQ »Modem DSL Statistics? What do the SNR and ATTN numbers show me about my line?


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reply to Kdee

You can plug your modem at the test jack at your demarcation point, and check this page again, to see if inside wiring is causing a large amount of attenuation or Poor SNR.

SNR like others have said should be higher than 6 (upstream and downstream) to avoid being disconnected.

Boring information below
Think of SNR as "how close I am to losing the connection" for a given speed.

If your SNR is 6 and your speed is 16 ; your SNR will be likely higher if your modem decides to sync at 12, since it has more "margin" to work with.

Unfourtuntely your modem tries to sync to the highest speed possible and you can't force it to a lower sync - although Bell can assign you a lower profile to accomplish this if you request it. As a desperate measure, you can set your modem to ADSL1 only mode, in which case it will not use ADSL2+ and will sync at about 7-8mbits, and you might have a more stable connection.

Having a low SNR (6 or less) doesn't guarentee that you will have issues, but it's often an indicator that the connection is operating on the brink of disconnection.

However, having a high SNR (more than 10) with low CRCs (less than 1 per minute) usually means your connection is _not_ on the brink of disconnection.

disconnections due to poor SNR can be fixed by improving phone wiring, or lowering the speed profile to raise SNR margin... which doesn't always fix the issue but, sometimes does.


Ottawa, ON
·TekSavvy DSL
reply to Kdee

Get a broadcom based modem as they work better on 16 meg.



Etobicoke, ON
reply to Kdee

Thanks everyone. I've learned something tonight. I will test my jacks (I only have three in my condo) and see if I get different results. I suspect that the issue is in the phone room in the basement of my building. Call it a hunch based on the fact that when my line failed last year, that's where the issue was.

Thanks again.