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Is there a way to get out of my verizon contract?

Now that TWO set top boxes have been duds?

I'm not a guy who gets angry easy, but today I woke up to find the second box Verizon has shipped to me has broken after 2 months of usage (Last one didn't even last that long.) Now I have to HOPE they mail it to me before Friday, or I won't have any TV before Tuesday with the holiday week.

I switched to Fios because it seemed like a good deal but at this point I'm only staying because I signed a contract. If I point to these huge problems, will they let me out of the contract so I can change to a provider that has set top boxes that work?


Glen Burnie, MD
Doubtful. But if there is a local store to you, you can walk in and swap the box out vs waiting for one to be shipped.
Make sure it is a FIOS store not a Verizon Wireless store.


reply to Nephrahim
R u mistreating the box or not giving it proper ventilation for it to break so soon? Sure u can get it of contract with stiff penalties not worth it. Get a replacement box


reply to Nephrahim
No local store, sadly. They did say they're shipping it overnight.

Ventilation is fine. It's got 4 inches above it and little too the sides. Even the bottom is mostly uncovered.


West Orange, NJ
reply to Nephrahim
This is not a common problem. I have 2 boxes that are over 4 years old and a DVR that is almost 3 years old. Never had a problem with any of them.


Long Island City, NY
reply to Nephrahim
We have a few boxes that are more than 5 yrs old without any problem whatsoever.

I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that it's a VZ issue - 4" isn't that much clearance and you may have dirty power supply at your home.


Exton, PA
4" is more clearance than I have but my original 6416 was still working after 4 or 5 years before I traded it in on a 7232.


Culver City, CA
While you say you have 4" on all sides, is that INSIDE a TV Cabinet by chance? If so is the back and or front FULLY open or is it just a small hole for the cables in the back and doors in the front? I ask because heat really builds up in those cabinets unless you enlarge the hole in the back by a LOT or remove the rear cardboard completely.


reply to Nephrahim
I don't think it's an issue on my end. It's not in a cabinet, it really has about as space to all sides as it can have without just putting it in the middle of my room. Power supply is fine too, it's only verizon boxes that have been giving me trouble.

When the last one failed, the person who called support claimed that it failed because the Verizon signal somehow broke the box, and that it was because they gave us the wrong box or something. It seemed like an odd explanation, and considering the one they said wouldn't have this problem did, I'm even more confused.


Instead of having a stb mailed to you, ask for a field visit from a technician. Request that the tech bring a new ( NOT ) a refurbished box. Also, have the tech use his/her Sunrise meter to test the signal. If the RF signal is high ( too hot ) that could be the cause of the stb failure.


reply to Nephrahim
Maybe it's just me but its likely easier to replace 1 bad box than all your equipment and go with another provider while getting charged an early termination fee. Boxes go bad. Not like thy gave u a broken box on day 1.


Pittsburgh, PA
reply to Nephrahim
What do you mean by broken? Not powering up, constant reboots, something else? And what type of box? I might be able to at least give you a better idea of what's going on than "the verizon signal broke the box", whatever the rep meant by that.


Constant resets I guess? It would flash 8888 then the dot, then repeat, never showing anything on the tv.