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London, ON

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I'm working on some FAQ's over the next few days and will ask sbrook to make them sticky. The next one will likely be what to expect in a cable transfer, but if you have other suggestions I'll do my best to accommodate - just let me know here. Thanks.


Toronto, ON
When you've written this FAQ, could you also place the relevant info in the (BEAUTIFUL, btw) signup form on the Start website? That way, those like me signing up would know exactly how to maintain a constant connection while transferring from one ISP to another, without having to modify my order by requesting the installation fee be added.

Specifically, the part that confused me was the cancellation date for my previous ISP, as if I would definitely have already cancelled with my previous ISP, and that this process shouldn't just be instant and automated. As someone on the other side, I imagine cancellation to go like this:

Customer: "Since another ISP is ready to use my address for their cable internet service, please fully cancel my cable internet account effective immediately so they can enable their service."

Billing person or website: "OK. You will now receive no further monthly charges and your service has stopped."

Customer: "Thanks!"

Bam. If that's not how it works, it's how it should! :P By the way, this is assuming the other ISP is constantly trying to make a connection with my modem all the while, so the service automatically switches over as soon as the first ISP's service stops.