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Columbus, OH

[Insight] ESPNU HD

Getting Not Authorized message

Any other ex-Insight sub getting this that has Digital Standard and HD DVR?


La Grange, KY
Yep, unable to access ESPNU or ESPNews. Called TW and they cannot give me an answer. I've always had standard/basic and used to be able to stream ESPNU. Now it looks like it's tied to whatever you get on your tv. Heck, if I got it on my tv, I wouldn't need to stream it.


Columbus, OH
I got it back on the boxes, something in ICOMS was missing somehow, despite her saying everything was configured right. It only happened after they refreshed all the boxes to fix another "not authorized" issue. Ironically all day yesterday during the OSU game on ESPN2 they were hawking the Sports Pass for 8.99, seems like here soon we might have to pay more just to keep what we had with Insight.


Westerville, OH
reply to OSUGoose
"Long time lurker, first time poster."

We got the Sports Package over the weekend. We wanted it because our family is big time hockey fans. We got the NHL network (SD only now), NBA TV (SD and HD), MLB (HD, we already had SD), Time Warner Sports Net (schedule grid shows it is for our local area but programming is coming out of LA), and several other channels.

My mother-in-law has Time Warner and looks like there are more HD channels for the sports channels than we have now (I, too, am a former Insight customer). I suppose I have to wait until October or so for any equipment upgrade to get the added channels.


Evansville, IN
reply to OSUGoose
If I lose MLB or NFL Network and have to pay extra to get them back, I'll be taking my TV programming to Directv.