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Brampton, ON

Acanac & Vaxxine requie entry into your home for DSL dryloop

I have a demarc outside my house and contacted a Acanac tech support and Sales person and they are stating that entry into your home is a requirement even if the demarcation is outside. Strangely I posted this same concern and received an answer from "LostTheGame" confirming this and the post was locked.


I am pending activation from Acanac as Vaxxine.com (another ISP) manager Margret Gulic did not know why a technician would have to enter my home.one from Bell for the dry loop another from telcom to install inside wiring. Vaxxine.com did not know why a second technician is required a strange response from the Manager of a DSL service.

Acanac tech says they need to enter my home to place a tranceiver for Fibre in my home (even though the demarc is copper) . I can wait for activation.

If this post is removed I will create a web site with the details.

Acanac does not require entry into my home as the demarcation which bell is responsible for is outside my home. Acanac also claims it is there representatives that needs to install this tranceiver device which is mandatory.


Etobicoke, ON
I wish you were blacklisted from every ISP so you would just disappear and STFU with your bullshit.

Nepean, ON
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reply to MEeastern_ca
The Bell tech will do all the work outside up to the demarc and than a second tech will need entry to your house to install a POTS splitter and modem.
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said by MEeastern_ca:

If this post is removed I will create a web site with the details.

Please go create a website for your crazy rantings just don't post them on here.


London, ON
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reply to MEeastern_ca
I'm going ignore the fact that you clearly are abtuse about how third party AGAS DSL works...

If you ordered a dry loop plan that is not the basic 6M plan, the two tech install is mandatory.

Seriously, if you want tech installs, don't get internet service. Pretty simple.


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You assume to know everything yet repeated rants you post here prove otherwise.

here is some advice: stop trying to get DSL from ISPs only to chase away their install techs. Better yet, stop getting DSL at all.

if you don't want someone from Bell or Telecon or whoever to hook up your pots splitter inside your home, DO YOURSELF AND EVERYONE A FAVOUR AND DON'T ORDER DSL.

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Windsor, ON

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reply to MEeastern_ca
For all speeds above 6 Meg, Bell has hoodwinked the CRTC into letting them require a "full install" be performed, which includes installation of a POTS splitter inside the house. Bell contracts this work out to Telecon and passes the cost through to the ISP. This was likely done for a couple of reasons. First, they can claim it is simply a pass through, and they're not making any money on it, and second, the truck showing up doesn't say Bell on it that way.

Obviously, Bell's goal is not to profit from this, but simply to drive up the cost to the competitive ISP.

That is the current state of things as it sits now. If you don't like it, don't order DSL at speeds above 6 Meg, because ALL ISPs that wholesale Bell's ADSL service will require an on site install for speeds above 6 Meg.

Edit: added "for speeds above 6 Meg"
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reply to MEeastern_ca
I just ordered VDSL through Acanac. 2 Techs are required. One tech to install the pots and the other tech to test connectivity and activate the line. Both techs were extremely professional, helpful and courteous.

As for you sir, if you don't want a tech to enter your home, I would suggest that you don't order services. These people are there to do a job to help you. Let them do their job.

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