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Benton, KY

TWC & TiVo Basic & Expanded Basic Problems-Western Kentucky

Several days ago I bought a Roamio Plus. I upgraded from the Premier XL model. Once I got my new Roamio, I took the Cable Card out of Premier and used it. I had to call TWC and pair it. My HD channels, HBO, Cinemax, etc are working great. As for my basic cable and basic expanded channels (channels 2-75), only one channel will show a picture. The rest say either "Channel not available. Contact your cable provider for more..." or "The TiVo box is unable to tune the channel.

I've called TiVo and TWC. During the first call, Tivo told me that it was because those were analog channels. TWC said that the signal is digital and not analog. They are sending a technician out mid-week. I've talked to TiVo and TWC several times today. TWC seems to not have a clue on what to do.

Do you guys have any suggestions as to what is going on?


Lexington, KY

Usually if you're not getting all your channels all they *should* have to do is send a "hit". Might have to send a couple of them to get everything working.

I had pretty much the same thing happen to me when I was activating my Ceton/CableCARD setup a couple years ago before Insight was bought by TWC.

Make sure you're calling the CableCARD specific # and not the general TWC one. I think the # is 866-606-5889.