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Wallingford, KY

[Network] SNR margin.

So last night, my sagem fast 1704 restarted itself, and I noticed my SNR margin decreased from the normal 16db to about 6db. From my vast knowledge of networking, they're ******* with my connection to where I literally cannot do anything until the morning hours. They've slowed it down sooooooo much that things take double the amount of time to buffer, and online gaming anymore is just a joke. I would assume someone has to be out here to fix this, but they won't until hell freezes over. I've literally never seen such a jOke of an ISP that cannot even fund a "legit" Internet backbone to support and provide reliable connections to demonic feeling customers. Frustration is not even close to anything that I would do to knock this incompetent ISP off its throne. YOU GUYS CANNOT ******* COMPETE AGAINST OTHER ISP'S, AND YOU NEED TO GET WITH IT OR GET THE **** out.


Swanton, OH

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I've had the Sagem 1704 for about a year now and as far as I know, it has never "restarted itself". Just for laughs, I unplug it for about 10 min once a week. Don't know if that helps or not.