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London, ON

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Rogers Idea Box: Censorship Extreme

This thread is separate (from the Idea Box thread) because the idea is not to whale away on Rogers Idea Box but to discuss the integrity (or lack thereof) of the Rogers social media team and their EXTREME censorship practices in general.

I have been a moderator on another respected site for a couple years. I have my own sub-forum. So that's my MODERATOR background/experience outside of my posts at DSLR.

Having visited RogersBuzz and RogersHelps on Twitter, and attempting to contribute at Rogers Idea Box, one can't help but come to the conclusion the whole thing is one big Rogers sales pitch with no intrinsic value period.

Any and all topics that shine a light on Rogers TRUE shortcomings and failures are DELETED forthwith from IDEA BOX.

If you've read my DSLR review of Rogers Idea Box the above evaluation is accurate. »Review of Rogers Hi-Speed

The Rogers Community Guidelines state: Keep it on-topic: Any posting that is not relevant to the community, the topic at hand, or to other peoples’ comments, will be removed. Posts that discuss moderator action will be removed.

Rogers mods are deleting Idea Box topics at an ALARMING rate. ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is being DELETED under the catch-all 'Off Topic' designation. This has to stop.

Just like the CRTC fining Rogers millions for misleading advertising, the Idea Box presents a distorted/misleading view, of the day to day realities, of Rogers policies/attitudes and customer respect.

Public opinion will shine a light on this dark disturbing issue.

What do YOU think? Is deleting properly submitted opinions/ideas, from Rogers Idea Box, acceptable to you? Should Rogers CHANGE their attitudes and forum guidelines? Should the practice of EXTREME CENSORSHIP cease at Rogers Idea Box?

Have we become used to the EXCEPTIONAL quality moderating here at DSLR? Should DSLR quality moderating be the accepted norm at all other forums?

How do you feel about this issue?

Expand your moderator at work

Nepean, ON
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Re: Rogers Idea Box: Censorship Extreme

said by elitefx:

Having visited RogersBuzz and RogersHelps on Twitter, and attempting to contribute at Rogers Idea Box, one can't help but come to the conclusion the whole thing is one big Rogers sales pitch with no intrinsic value period.

I thought we already knew this? And the problem is even if it wasn't, a Corporation can never facilitate ideas from a customer, the processes don't work that way. So even a simple idea on that page that wasn't moderated, the likely hood is there is 1 in a billion of the idea ever being implemented.


Scarborough, ON

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You should look at the rest of the Rogers community forums, the something has been going go since the beginning. That is what you can come to expect when the parent company runs the site to promote solutions to problems they have actually decided to own. Apple is a good example of this practice.

This is why sites like DSLR are amazingly important; you may also have noticed that Rogers are "officially" absent from the website.



if two people are left to pay insane prices to rogers good.... that should be my other side of the family... mom/stepdad and grandparents (mom).... my dad is out of the windows because of tpia, but still has bell internet and rogers television... plus bell phone.... tpia providers are acn/vmedia (acn - 5mbit/800kbit vmedia - 45/4 mbit)

Toronto, ON
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Hi elitefx, our intention is not to remove negative opinions or questions but rather keep the conversation on-topic. Idea Box is a place that gives customers a voice – to post new ideas, vote them up, and give them visibility within Rogers. At this time we’re welcoming ideas about Service and Support, Rogers Stores, Rogers.com and the MyAccount app. Off-topic posts that are appropriate for the Rogers Community Forums will be moved to the appropriate board, and the OP will be notified of this action via PM.



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Rogers_Chris.... Take A Look AT THE REVIEWS of your Company .... ROGERS... AND BELL... There Very Negative
1:4 positive reviews 3:4 negative


Scarborough, ON
reply to elitefx

The problem of course is that in any moderated forum, the moderators have the right to remove posts that do not comply with their guidelines. You see it here as well with "your moderator at work". Rogers is not going to be any different. It is their forum, their rules and if you do not tow the line, your post is history.

My issue with Rogers, more so than other forums, is the arbitrary nature of some of the posts that get deleted, whether in Idea Box or the Community Forums in general. There are so many moderators there and while one may see a post as adhering to the guidelines and leave it alone, another may come around and delete it.

Their rationale for deleting posts is also sometimes very dubious. In fact, I once had a post deleted because it was "off topic", yet I was the one who started the topic as the OP! How could it be "off topic"? Today, I saw two posts on the Idea Board, both on the same theme. One was deleted, yet the other remains. There is no consistency when you post on Rogers. It is like a crap-shoot. The bottom line though is that if someone from Rogers does not like your post, as the old expression goes, it gets filed - in the round file!

Whatta Ya Think About Dat?
Kitchener, ON
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reply to elitefx

I can't find some of my posts.

Basically, an idea was to discount customers 1% for each service for every year they have that service. I stated it's a crappy idea when Rogers has about a 3-5% rate increase every year. I said it in a nice way, but I can't find that post.

As for DSLR moderating, this is a different game. They ain't selling any service. And you will get moderated here if you get out of line.
If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough. - Albert Einstein


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Lol at all of you thinking this weasel company will play fair when it comes to discussions online.


North York, ON

Lets try and get them where it may actually hurt
Check out the petition (and other initiatives as well) at Open Media site

North York, ON
reply to elitefx

Nothing new.

Back during the throttling fiasco, I had posts deleted that showed that their reps were lying to me via PMs, and they were deleted.

Which is one of the reasons I included some of them in my CRTC complaint - to show that Rogers reps were lying to customers, didn't give a damn except to cover their ass.
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Toronto, ON
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reply to KC_

said by KC_:

Lets try and get them where it may actually hurt
Check out the petition (and other initiatives as well) at Open Media site

That site is inaccurate, showing TekSavvy offer service in Manitoba & Saskatchewan. They only offer dialup there, which is irrelevant.