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Cresco, IA

I have a real problem with these caps

How exactly do you ID 10 T's at mediacom intend to enforce a cap when your usage meter's are flat out wrong?

I've been fuming for the last few days about these caps trying to decide if i'm cancelling or not. The final straw may be today though. Since i went to be last night and right now as i post this, according to your usage meter i've used 1.3 GB of data.

HOW? I've barely even used the internet in the last 18 hours. Some minor surfing and that was it, nothing else is on, nothing is running and somehow i've used 1.3 gb.

For the month so far i'm allready at 28% used just with normal netflix viewing with 24 days left. This is flat out ridiculous. Only 3% of your customers are going to be affected by this? BS. Anyone that streams netflix is bound to hit this cap.

Hey mediacom guess what though, windstream has no caps. Even though they suck as an ISP in general you will probably be losing me as a customer just because they have no caps.

I suggest everyone vote with their wallets on this regardless if you have a viable alternative or not. It's really not your customers fault no one wants your overpriced TV anymore, but to cap internet usage in this day and age? Ridiculous.


Oronogo, MO

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You have no idea how I envy you people who have real alternatives. Where our house is, there is no DSL, no other cable (of course Mediacom and the other local cable company make sure sure not to service the same locations), and literally the only option is a terrible wireless provider that charges $60/month for unreliable 3mbps/768kbps wireless that you'd be lucky to get half that speed. If it were a matter of paying $30 more a month for a different provider that can give reasonable latency and no caps instead of Mediacom, I'd do it. The problem is they love setting up shop in extremely rural areas where people are more concerned about their John Deeres than the fact that they are getting screwed over by unsatisfactory internet providers.


I have the same problem, except we don't have a wireless provider or even DSL. This is our only option. I'll bend over and take it, I guess. Don't have a choice.

Grinnell, IA
reply to swampthing71
IDK As much as I hate the caps I'd go WITHOUT internet before i'd go to Windstream they are utter trash of an ISP.


Cresco, IA
And on top of it all, i'm currently speedtesting at 1.68MB/s

Are they trying to lose customers?

Mediacom Social Media Relations Team
Gulf Breeze, FL
It looks like there is a possible area issue that is causing the slow speeds. We are looking into it now.


Navarre, FL
it would be nice if you guys could you know actually get your service to work and your meters to work reliably before you screw your customer base with these caps


Dubuque, IA
reply to swampthing71
Swampthing71, do you have a wireless router? If so, are you certain no one else is using it? It seems like something was using your cable modem while you were out, as otherwise the background traffic should amount to just megabytes a day.


Cresco, IA
Have a wireless cable modem. Wireless is turned off every night, has a push button to toggle and i have security on as well.