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Comcast + Signal booster - will it work with MoCA?

Hey all,

I'm an X1 customer (X2 I guess technically) - and during the install process, the tech put in a signal booster (PPC EVO1-9-U/U) which I didn't think much about until now. Now I'm looking at installing a Coax to Ethernet adapter because the Wifi doesn't reach our bedroom, so I want to put another access point in the room upstairs. In reading about these Coax converters, they say they tend not to play well with signal boosters.

But MoCA, as far as I can tell, works above 1Ghz and the booster seems to stop at 1Ghz (1002 hz to be more precise). My understanding is also that X1 uses MoCA.

So my question: any reason to think this setup won't work?

(I've tried other wireless network extenders - they seem to all suck. I haven't looked at powerline because the MoCa adapters seem to get better reviews in terms of through-put. Finally, the MoCA adapter I'm considering is the Actiontec ECB2500CK01)

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

Sacramento, CA
Another big consideration is that X1 already uses MoCA for multiroom. Adding another MoCA network means you need to be sure that it doesn't interfere with what Comcast is using for their X1 network.


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Moca gear is very pricey and likely to screw up your cable setup. Try Engenius wireless wifi repeaters/extenders.


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Yea i wouldn't do that lol. moca transmits just over 1100mhz, i forget the actual number, and you're likely to interfere with the connected home (streaming). Location is key with a wifi extender. You gotta find the sweet spot to put the extender. Not where its really weak like your bedroom, but somewhere in between so it can boost that signal properly. You may have to move it around to different rooms/hallways until you get it where you want it.