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Warrenton, VA

[Modem/Router] old Westell modem reconnecting dozens of times a

My old Westell 6100 modem (model E90-610015-06) reconnects dozens of times a day and some times does not reconnect for a longer period of time or until reset. This has been going on for some time now and is getting tiresome. Power cycling and master reset do not help, goes right back to same behavior. Web search shows that this behavior is well known for this model.

Can Verizon replace this unit with a new modem, such as ActionTec?

Background: have been using 6100 since service installation a long time ago (~7 years if memory serves) on very long loop (20k feet). Modem still consistently connects at 1504/448 (sometime less in the hottest weather), but seems like the reconnects have been much more frequent recently. A few months after original install tech visited to optimize the loop, set up "home run" wiring to the modem, removed filter in NID, so probably not much more to be done there. The random reconnects have always been an issue, but have become much more frequent.

Seems like it's time to try a new modem

Here are the transceiver stats, let me know if you need any other information.

Transceiver Revision:
Vendor ID Code: 4
Line Mode: G.DMT Mode
Data Path: Interleaved
Transceiver Information Down Stream Path Up Stream Path
DSL Speed (Kbits/Sec) 1504 448
Margin (dB) 6.5 7.0
Line Attenuation (dB) 63.5 31.5
Transmit Power (dBm) 15.4 11.9



Warrenton, VA

[Modem/Router] Re: old Westell modem reconnecting dozens of time

FWIW, Verizon sent a new modem (DLink 2750 with wireless N) after I chatted support. No reply to my post in the Verizon Direct forum (consistent with other observations that no one is supporting DSL conneciton issues in that forum). Connections seem more stable than the Westell so far, although I have not seen anything faster than 1.3Mb.


Sterling, VA
·Verizon Online DSL
reply to rsedad
I too recently complained about poor/slow/unreliable DSL service and was told my Verizon-supplied Westell 2200 + my LinkSys WRT54G router were "old and worn out", which is why my DSL connection dropped several times per day.

When asked by me "what sort of moving parts in a Westell 2200 would be subject to wear-and-tear?", nobody could give me a straight answer.

The first DLINK DSL-2750B that arrived was easy enough to hook up, but not evern multiple "experts" a Verizon Premium Technical Support (costs $15/mont, minimum 10-month agreement) could figure out a way to make the DLINK combo router/modem recognize my static IP for the HP all-in-one device (192.168.2.something) because, well, the DLINK 2750B only "speaks and hears" 192.168.1.something.

The same problem (Catch-22) happened with the NAS drive, which had a 192.168.2.something IP address. It's a Western Digital MyBookLive device that my wife and I both map as S:\ (S for shared, in case anyone asks).

At that point the so-called "expert" did a "Pontius Palate" verbal hand-washing and told me he couldn't help me and to just use the return label and return the modem and they would send me one that wasn't as "defective" as the first one they sent me.

Finally, last Saturday, using the 2nd identical model of DSL modem/router, DLink 2750B, I "lucked into" a technical guy who helped me reconfigure the DLink device to implement "double netting" to allow my WRT54G to "play nice".

Suddenly, all those previously "orphaned", "cannot contact" devices were visible on my network. Right now, the DLink device cannot be contacted by wireless devices - only the LinkSys WRT54G, base address can be contacted.

One of the "changes" the technical support guy made was to change the base address of the DLink 2750B from to and he turned off various seetings of the device to make it "play nice" with the WRT54G.

That's all I have for now, but I'll post again after a number of days.

I just wanted to share this while is't fairly easy to remember.

Warwick, RI
reply to rsedad
if your seeing 1504 kbps on the status page and getting 1.3 mbps on a speed test this is about right after overhead . usable speed will always be less then what the status page shows. Example a 1.5 profile would show in the status as 1792 kbps leaving 1500kbps or 1.5mbps usable. due to your line length your line is set for 1792 (1500 usable) which is the max you will ever see. Due to a poor noise margin (6.5 DB) the line has been optimized at 1504kbps leaving around 1.3 usable.


Warrenton, VA
said by norbert26:

if your seeing 1504 kbps on the status page and getting 1.3 mbps on a speed test

1504 and 1.3 mbps were both connection speeds reported by the modems (first with the old Westell 6100, then with the new DLink 2450B). Yes, speed tests will be less than those numbers. But the problem I was trying to address was connection stability. The Dlink is definitely more stable on my long line, but has the annoying feature of not automatically reconnecting, until reset, if the connection does go down....does anyone know of any settings on the DLink that might further help?


Warrenton, VA
reply to fmorriso
said by fmorriso:

"what sort of moving parts in a Westell 2200 would be subject to wear-and-tear?"

Solid state electronics are not subject to wear and tear of mechanical friction, but there are other mechanisms that cause aging and may lead to eventual failure of the components (see google for examples).