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Miles To Go
Far Rockaway, NY
·Verizon FiOS
reply to c0ffeeBreak

Re: Fios problems - dropping packets, time outs, resolving host

Unfortunately, I'm having a similar problem. Occasionally.
I'd click a link in Chrome and see a "resolving host" message.
The page will either take 30 seconds to load or just time out.
But the problem only appears occasionally, and rights itself in a minute or so.

I'm using the Actiontec Rev 1, hardwired connection, 75/35 plan, with OpenDNS.
Chrome is the browser.
I'm in southern Queens, NYC.

I didn't think much of the problem as it doesn't happen often. But I figured I'd chime in.
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Richmond, VA
Any of you folks still with problems try getting them to release/renew the IP? I don't think that will do anything on the routing side of things, but it wouldn't hurt to try.

Also, have any of you tried setting your DNS servers manually, using the link posted by zippoboy7 above as guidance?

I hate talking on the phone to techs, so I always use their online support chat. Also, after watching trace routes and pings bounce all over the place, it appears I was dropping packets while still on the verizon network, on alter.net and level3.net locations. Again, I'm in VA. My understanding is that Verizon owns those networks.

Hope that helps.


reply to Rook008
Yes my problem is also intermittent and it usually takes 3-5 minutes to clear itself up. That doesn't make it any less frustrating. If anyone finds a working SOLUTION to this problem, please post it here! Verizon tech support has been useless.


The problem for me was fixed on Friday evening going into Saturday morning during Verizon's 'Safetime'.

They isolated the issue to a bad card on their gateway router and replaced it. Cleared up immediately.


I don't suppose you have some kind of a ticket number I could refer my local Verizon to look at? That would be a lot simpler than me trying to explain the issue to them.