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North York, ON
reply to psubaru

Re: [Cable] Good bye Teksavvy

said by psubaru :

After almost 4 years with Teksavvy, I have to say good bye because for me is enough.

If you now decided to leave, to which ISP are you going to go???... I have problems with teksavvy now but I cannot find an affordable option to switch to.


East Amherst, NY
In your area probably main carriers are Bell (DSL), Rogers (Cable). Many of Tek issues are with growth as when they run out of IP blocks on the CMTS when people renew leases they may get cutoff. This is entirely a process issue that Rogers doesn't want to seem to fix, me guessing because blocks are dynamically assigned for Rogers customers, and block assigned for TPIA.

I have a few friends that moved to electronic box which is xDSL depending upon where you live on Bell. They are VERY happy, however YMMV. MY parents are on Teksavvy, and they have never had a problem (L6S) in Brampton once we had Rogers run a new cable on install. They are on the old 12/.512 plan and use maybe 70GB a month for $36. While the upload REALLY sucks it is fine for VOIP and Skype at low res so they are happy and they can stream their movies... Moving to new aggregated speeds not really needed for their use case.

My point is, if you are seeing DHCP issues/Rogers maybe you can go to another Rogers provider but if they have CMTS issues nothing can help you Rogers native or not...explore Bell/DSL