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dick white
Annandale, VA

Text message delayed delivery

Recently text messages that I have sent or have been sent to me don't arrive at the recipient until many hours after the message was sent. This has happened when the device at the other end (sending or receiving) has been a Garmin GPS device, a Motorola Droid, and an iPhone. It has happened with both sender and recipient as Verizon wireless customers (i.e., in-network) and also when the other party is not a Verizon Wireless customer (i.e., out-of-network). Thus it would appear to be a Verizon issue. It is problematic when the text message has time value, such as trying to emergency locate the other party in real time and the message appears on the sender's phone as sent, but is not received. Then hours later the message just shows up. What can be done to ensure that Verizon Wireless transmits text messages properly?


On The Road
Same thing happens here sometimes. Voice mail is worst. Don't get the icon until the next day sometimes. Sometimes the phone never rings, so you don't know you might have a message.

However, I have to say that the signals have gotten poorer the last few months, but the notifications have gotten better/more real time. Still don't have 4G out here tho.
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Kansas City, MO
reply to dick white
said by dick white:

What can be done to ensure that Verizon Wireless transmits text messages properly?

Contact support and report delayed messages. The SMS systems are just servers (like email servers) and can have problems... if you report the issue they can have someone work on the failing server.