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[Speed] Extreme 105 speed

I recently upgraded to Comcast Extreme 105 service. It was an interesting experience to say the least. I have a DOCSIS 3.0 ZOOM 5341J modem which is on the compatibility list for Comcast Extreme 105 service. When the tech came out, he indicated that they could have done it over the phone (of course they love their $249 fee). He made a few calls to get the stuff provisioned properly. We had issues with my modem and switched to one he had which was the CISCO DPC-3008. We were able to get that one working correctly. He indicated I wouldn't be charged the rental fee....Now on my next bill I see the rental fee, installation charge, etc. I dispute the installation charge which I got credit for and then hooked up my original modem that I owned and was able to install it, activate onto the account (self service) and got the prescribed speeds accordingly. I returned their modem.

Now the issues started...a few weeks ago my speed has dropped in half. I thought it could be my router that I just changed, but I checked my modem connected through a CAT6 cable with the same slower speed of around 60MB down and 11MB up. I was getting around 120MB down and 11MB up (no change there). I looked at the configuration file and it is d11_m_5341j_widebandblast_... Not sure if this is the right one or not. I reset the modem and saw the above confi. file in the event log. Does anyone know if this is the correct configuration file? When I looked on-line, it seems this might be the file for the Extreme 50 service, but those were older posts.

I have a call in to Comcast and they are supposedly researching it with their Level 2 support. I am not banking on this as they are dismissive in their calls. Also, I noticed that I have only 3 Upstream channel bonded. The 4 Upstream channel is not Locking. Is that normal? I thought the Upstream was supposed to be 20MB, so I wonder if I am not getting all of my Upstream capacity because of the 4th Upstream channel not Locking. Any ideas on this?

Thanks in advance for any insights.

Ukiah, CA

Re: Extreme 105 speed

From what I've seen here, only a few areas have four upstream channels. Most have three or less (my area has two, only one is 64QAM).

It does sound like the modem isn't provisioned correctly. If you have a Twitter account, you can try contacting @comcastcares


Salem, VA
Thanks for that. That helps. It seems that I saw another post which had the same modem and looked similar in the configuration with 3 locked channels.

Frustrated today with Comcast. On the phone with them 5 separate times to get 5 different answers. They are so clueless. I did what you suggested and posted on Twitter. Not hopeful. They are frankly the worst at Customer Service of any company I have ever experienced. You pay a fortune to get crappy service and support.


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Re: [Speed] Extreme 105 speed

Your cisco modem is pulling a config file with "5341j" in the name?

Chris 313
Come get some
Houma, LA
What I got from it was he original had a Zoom 5341J, the tech had problems getting his owned modem to work, so he switched the OP to a Cisco 3008, that was later swapped out for the 5341J he originally wanted to use and got working.


Salem, VA
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Correct Chris. The configuration file shown is for the ZOOM modem. I no longer have the CISCO modem. Not sure what configuration file that had. The CISCO modem was the rental that I returned.