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Exeter, CA

[Connectivity] Download speeds in the tank...need suggestions.

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Here's the short of a long story...

New SB6141 modem which replaced a SB6121 that exhibited the same issues I'm having now but was told by Comcast front line phone tech support that it was bad. I was mis-informed.

Comcast says their signal to my modem is ""good".

Had a tech come out...when I watched him open up the vault to the node across the street...the node was submerged in water run off from yard sprinklers. I didn't think that was a good thing but he shrugged it off. After replacing a few connectors at the node he tested the line at the node...checked good. After replacing a few connectors in my house box he tested the drop to the house...checked good. Checked the house line to the modem...checked good.

I'm not an expert by far but it would seem to me that DS bonding channels 6 and 7 are way out of speck. Any thoughts to what may be causing this? What are some things I can say the tech support to get them to fix this problem? I don't know the lingo other than "hey..this isn't working right".

I'm supposed to be getting 50mbps DL.


Washington, NJ
·Verizon Online DSL

Re: [Connectivity] Download speeds in the tank...need suggestion

I agree with your conclusion about downstream channels 6 and 7, also the difference in power levels for your upstream channels looks to be too wide. Put in another service call, if you are told again that the signal to your modem is good, reply "that's well and good, but my download speed sux and I want it fixed."

Schaumburg, IL
reply to mbrandenburg
You need to get them to see what is causing the noise around 735-741MHz. Just look at the error counts for those two channels compared to the others.

A more drastic action is to go back to your 6121 and see if you can get it to NOT bond onto 6 and 7, since it will only bond 4 instead of all 8.