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Barry White

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reply to NICK ADSL UK

Re: [Free/Paid] WinPatrol 28.8 Update

Thanks Nick.
update is now

WinPatrol 28.9 Update

Microsoft has made great advancements in security yet machines continue to fall victim to attacks, suffer from poor user choices and receive unwanted programs included with legitimate software. WinPatrol considers security essential but also provides the knowledge needed to configure systems to run at optimal performance. Features are designed for both experts and users with little understanding of computers.

Disable Bug Fix 28.8.
As sometimes happens when you add one feature you break another. For anyone who installed WinPatrol 28.8 on a non Windows 8 system the "Disabled" status of startup programs is now being displayed propertly. This version 28.9 will fix that problem.
(All Users)

Update Notification.
Ironically one of our new fixes relates to text on our PLUS screen that lets you know when a new version is available. By popular demand WinPatrol will now send a message letting you know when a new build is available. When this notification is displayed we also change the text on the PLUS screen to remind you. Unfortunately, the text didn't always reset after you upgraded to the new version. This version will resolve that issue.
(All Users)

Windows 8 Task Manager.
Instead of using MSConfig, Windows 8 includes a list of Startup programs as a tab in the new Task Manager. Users can disable startup programs using the Windows Task Manager. While WinPatrol's "Disable" feature includes additional features it now recognizes choices made by the Task Manager and will alert Task Manager when files are disabled by WinPatrol. As in the past WinPatrol will monitor programs which are disabled so if they are forced back to normal by a partner program, WinPatrol will automatically reset them to disabled unless you click to Enable the program.
(Windows 8 Only)