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Indianapolis, IN

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[Content] Premium channels added by selecting the channel

Help? We have Digital Economy, DCT700 (the simple cable box - not a DVR), no premium channels. Beginning on August 10, 11 premium channels were added to our service. These channels were added simply by scrolling through the channels and selecting, say, HBO. No order confirmation required, nothing - just click to one of the HBO channels, and HBO gets added.

I contacted Comcast by chat and they removed all the premium channels. Later I tuned into an HBO channel - and it said "Welcome to HBO. We've received your order. Your new subscription should be available within two hours." I didn't click Order or Confirm or anything, just put it on 308, and BOOM, I get HBO. Even got an email saying a service call would be scheduled, but it had a blank date.


Des Plaines, IL

Re: Premium channels are added simply by selecting the channel

Better look out for less then 30 days drop fees.


Boynton Beach, FL
reply to brnaptown
if you're not on twitter, find the contacts for Comcast executive customer support and send them an email. Someone should get back to you fairly quickly and help you out


reply to brnaptown
I had the same thing happen to me a couple of weeks ago. I was using the ^up button and landed on showtime and at the same time the channel tuned in, a pop-up said (something pretty close to),"thank you for your order - showtime has been added". I didn't push anything (accidental or otherwise) or confirm or okay anything... just changing channels.

The thing is we had showtime as a free offer package already for some time now, so I thought I actually didn't order anything because the lack of confirmation button or action on my part (such as when ordering movies, etc through the box), and that we already had showtime. I figured the box menu was just being kooky having just downloaded a recent update. That was until I got my bill. It re-upped my showtime offer, but now it's charging me as if I renewed it.

I.never.did.anything but change the channel.

Indianapolis, IN
Comcast fixed it - technical issue. Your deal sounds the same as mine. Aside from getting premium channels just by going to the channel, it would also order movies just by going to the PPV channel number.

Schaumburg, IL
I just had this happen tuning into HBO by mistake. As of this morning, I still get the same popup if I tune into HBO, so I don't know if it's actually active or not.


reply to brnaptown
Comcast sent an email saying they were doing a free weekend of HBO in my area this weekend. Maybe yours too.

Indianapolis, IN
reply to brnaptown
The problem is back !

I wouldn't say Comcast has been any help. Trying to escalate.