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Re: [ALL] My preferred tier is going up

I wonder why they are rasing the prices for their high speed Internet service in a down economy with so many people struggling to make it. I just don't get it. I understand it was $2.00 or $3.00 more a month, but not $6.00 a month for "high speed Internet" that won't let me watch YouTube videos and webpages that load slow (these problems only happen in the evenings, it doesn't happen in the mornings, afternoons, or late at night).

West Warwick, RI
In a downed economy everyone suffers, including the businesses. I mean we could get into a very complicated debate on the middle class vs Big Corporate America, but in the end that wouldn't save you any money.

Do you have a D3 modem? If so, depending on your area and if they have locked down powerboost, downgrading a Tier and spending the money on a D3 modem may save you alot of money in the long run, and at not too little of a performance decrease. Upload would suffer, but most people use the download alot more. You might also want to check with your student affairs or relations and see if they have any partnership between Cox and KU. Or you might even be able to write of your internet cost from your taxes as a student expense? Just throwing some ideas.

Heavy Artillery For The Little Guy
Tulsa, OK
reply to TheNerdGirl
It's to protect their PayTV revenues.


You hit that right on the head. NAIL AND HAMMER!


Thanks cox, lose money in the TV department, put it on you're Internet department.

Very special

as Mr. Pink as they come
Phoenix, AZ
reply to KrK
And to pay for fox sports 1


I finally got my bill with the rate hike notice on it. I checked with a neighbor and their bill didn't have the notice and the Cox web site says nothing about the new rates. I called Cox to get a clarification. The new rates are for Cox customers that have no other service than internet. If you have other services with Cox then your internet rate isn't going up (yet).

They did offer to lock in the current rate with a contract for 2 years or I could downgrade to Essential service for the new rate of $48.99.

Mary Esther, FL
Can you see if goggle fiber is available in your area? Being a monopoly sucks and, they will be so high that no one can afford their cable tv. Fox Sports, ESPN, Wifetime and Disney should all be in the sports pak. Not everyone wants ESPN 1&2. All the Disney owned and Fox owned channels are the biggest reason why costs have gone up.

and yet, overnight, you get fed infomericals, isn't that lovely?

Fox Sports 1&2 are really, really crappy, unless you love fake wrastling..