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Dubuque, IA


So I get this ad in the mail for mediacom and it's all !!!$99.95/month for prime plus internet + prime tv + phone!!!
Think about it and decide getting cable after not having it for awhile might be a good idea.
I called in and talked to somebody and come to find out it is just over $122/month.....

My questions are :
1. Why is there such a large variance on price. Mediacom knows damn well how much it is going to be.
2. Here's the thing that upset me so much I told the lady nevermind and ended the call...I HAVE to pay $5 a month for a phone modem THAT I WILL NEVER USE!

Ahhh well now that i've got the cable itch i'll just look into some other options

Mediacom Social Media Relations Team
Gulf Breeze, FL
I'm not entirely sure why yours increased so much, but basic charges that do raise the monthly bill are equipment charges like the modem you mentioned, or extra cable boxes and things like that. Also if you added any premium channels, and lastly just taxes and fees that will raise the bill. I would be happy to look further into this for you if you would like to private message me your account or phone number.
Mediacom Social Media Relations Team
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Silvis, IL
reply to sicho8
They do this ALL the time here. The rep will say one thing, bill comes it's $30 or sometimes even twice what they said. One lady here I know they told her $30 a month , the bill came it was $100. She called to ask what the hell , and the Manager, yes the manager told her , "well maybe we should stop bothering with low income places"..... needless to say she's NEVER going back to mediacom. And you damn sure don't even want to bring it up to her.