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Greenville, SC

How do I contact Charter about burying cables

chat seems down. I'm hard of hearing and phone is my absolutely last choice.

charter connected my "new" home 10 days ago, and I have shrubbery scheduled to be pruned LOTS next week. They said that with wires on the ground and in shrubs, they'd almost guarantee damaged wiring and I should get is buried quickly. The installer said it would be a week or so ...

how do I contact them to get this on the schedule?



Find out where the closest local office is and go talk to someone.

In the mean time, since you can apparently get hold of the people who will be pruning, I suggest you let them know that their "almost guarantee" of damaging the cable is completely unacceptable. It's not like this cable is some hair width diameter wire that's nearly invisible.


reply to gbynum

Drop bury can't be performed without utility locates being marked on the ground this is probably what is the hold up it must be done before any digging can be performed. The Simpsonville office is the regonal office so you could always go there and ask to speak to a suervisor.


Bonne Terre, MO
reply to gbynum

Depends on area, but here its "up to 6 months", however on apartments it took over a year to get a cable buried. The contract that at to like one crew, who in our experience had a paperpile about 6 inches thick of jobs that needed done. So...a long time.


reply to gbynum

our area is USUALLY a week to 10 days to get buried other markets do differ however. the installer will generally leave enough slack behind so the drop can be moved couple feet each way for pruning and other yard work. their near guarantee of damage to the cable under regular circumstances is bs.


Greenville, SC
reply to whoaru99

Not a question of it being obvious, rather that it is under some fairly high stuff that can land on it. Thanks!


Greenville, SC
reply to InTheKnow

Yes, Simpsonville is the regional office, but Lindsay Ave office is our local one in Greenville. I'll stop by. Thanks!