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Scarborough, ON

What is more stable, teksavvy cable or teksavvy dsl?

which one is more recommended between the two in the scarborough area and has less down time, better prices/value?

Im thinking of getting teksavvy dsl and canceling the cable. Biggest turn off for me though is the filters, I hate those effing filters since I have so many freaking phones in the house its hard to track them all.


Toronto, ON
both are not stable recently. lol

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East York, ON
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It all depends on the condition of your line on DSL.. some cases DSL is better, others Cable is. Speed availability also plays a factor, as in my case DSL can only over 5mb. I'm able to get way more on cable, and other than some limited issues that got resolved, has been fairly stable. MOST issues as of late are related to ROGERS and not TSI on cable. Once they stop their upgrades, cable will be back to being really stable.


Mississauga, ON
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Quick and dirty check. Go to the TakSavvy Direct forum. In the 'Group' column add up the cable and DSL entries. The winner is whichever one is less.


LOL. Nice one.

To the OP, if you get vdsl, the one of the 2 techs will install a whole house filter, so no need to worry about that anymore


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To add to my personal experience, I've had more problem with the 18 months with cable than I did with the 6 years prior with DSL. I've moved back to DSL just before the recent cable mess, and glad to be back


Oshawa, ON
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reply to blaznazn224
I had dsl for 6 years, No major issues switched to cable Again No issues Thus far Knock On wood, Though DSL being the way it is tends to be less Likely to be down, The main issue is the VDSL modem debacle atm myself i prefer cable, for that reason and for the Dryloops Its a Extra fee that Annoyith me. 55 a month gets me my 45/4 for $5 more i could have 50/10, which would be slightly better speedwise.

Major differences for me are the following

Dsl - Dedicated line generally not effected by Outages at a poi lvl or DHCP issues like cable.
Dsl - has Dryloop Fees and The modem u need to buy is crippled and costs more than a cable Modem.
Dsl- Speed Changes are Not Cheap and easy like On cable.

Cable - No Dryloop Fees, Modem works on many providers is a standard and is not crippled.( has Resale Value Unlike anyone who buys a Sagemcom)
Cable - because the network is shared More risk of having problems and rogers has a ton of DHCP headaches lately and Bad RF signals.
Cable - Packages Are very easily Changed based on season , In Summer you go outside more need less net drop package to 25/2 or less In winter your a shutin watching 24/7 netflix and Downloading Linux isos all the time, Up connection to 150/10 Minimal Cost Involved to do the switch and No tech visit.

Now as i stated I have had Little to no issues with either connection type And having had both I prefer Cable.
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reply to blaznazn224

... Biggest turn off for me though is the filters, I hate those effing filters since I have so many freaking phones in the house its hard to track them all.


You should have one filter per a phone line and not one filter per a phone jack. The best solution is where the actual split is happening at the demarcation point in case if you live in a house. Here is my example (I posted these pictures before):


I have two phone lines and two phone numbers. Each line is running VDSL2. NID (Network Interface Device) on the picture has two VDSL/ADSL POTS splitters installed. I did this installation myself and removed previously installed old NID and splitters:


but as I've been told by a Bell technician they can do the new NID installation as well and he showed me the same splitters like on the first picture in his car.