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Mr Matt

Eustis, FL
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Selecting new DOCSIS 3.0 Modem

I originally put this post at the end of an existing thread. I am posting it as a new subject to hopefully get a greater response. I received a robocall from Comcast indicating that I must replace my modem soon. I am on the performance tier. Can someone reading this thread help me select a plain vanilla DOCSIS 3.0 Modem to replace my DOCSIS 2.0 Modem. I am currently using a Linksys BEFCMU10 ver. 4. This modem has two features that I find useful. A listing of the upstream and downstream provisioned rate and a signal strength meter that reads below -15dBm on the modems webpage. Would anyone reading this post advise me of which modems on Comcast's list of approved retail modems can support the same features and IPv6. Here is a link to the webpage: »mynewmodem.comcast.net/ Thanks.

Philadelphia, PA
If you buy one of the Arris/Moto device look for the SB--- series instead of SBG---; as G denotes gateway and you just want a plain cable modem.

For example, »astore.amazon.com/myde0bd-20/det ··· 0AJHDZSI


Huntsville, AL
reply to Mr Matt
I have read a lot of anecdotal posts that folks have issues provisioning a modem that they bought from Amazon as opposed to one that they bought from a Best Buy with a comcast "store" in it. Is this still true, because I would like to replace the 2.0 modem that a tech recently installed in my house.

Cypress, TX
I actually bought a Arris TM822G on Amazon and it was a breeze to get it provisioned with Comcast. They never game me any issues and I'm on the extreme 105 package with them.

Wyoming, MI

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reply to Mr Matt
I have an Arris WMB760A which has been really great 99% of the time (*holds breath*). It sure beats my former Moto 6151, though I may have had a dud.

Over the years, I purchased a modem or two from Best Buy. Unfortunately, CC regularly decided my modem was supposedly in their inventory every blipping time I had a tech visit and equipment scanned. Hard to dispute if you don't keep a receipt a few years down the road.

Good Ol Dan

Naples, FL
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reply to Mr Matt
FWIW... I bought a Motorola SB6141 for my new Comcast service in Naples FL and could never get a completely stable connection (lots of errors/reboots). I borrowed a Zoom 5341J to try and it was about the same. After many (pointless) hours on the phone with Comcast and much reading on forums and such I bought a Ubee DDM3513 on Amazon. This modem has often been used by Comcast as a leased modem, and although it's only capable of bonding 4 channels upstream/downstream (vs 8x4 for the Motorola and Zoom), the Ubee has been extremely stable. Doubt that I'll ever be buying a 300 Mbps+ connection from Comcast anyway...