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Scarborough, ON

[Cable] Modem Provisioning - Provision vs Move?

OK so I have a friend who's also on Tek rCable, about to leave because of all the setup issues lately. His swapped his modem for a new one after a plan switch with a long wait, that modem got fried by lightning and got a new one, and now he's waiting for provision again. He didn't feel like waiting anymore and offered to give me his modem after he leaves Tek rCable for Bell (yes, I tried convincing him to stay, but he needed it for his parents.)

Now my question is, if I provision the modem now as a swap, will I need to go through the provision process again when I move to my new place (i.e. wait for the provision now and wait for it again after I move?) I remember that moves at Tek is technically opening a new account.