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Data caps and contracts

Just a reminder that you CAN get out of a contract without paying the ETF if you signed up for internet before the policy was changed. They will tell you you can't but that's bullshit. Be persistent.

Also I can't help myself but I have to say "I told you so!" cable cos will get their money one way or another. Mediacom is making almost no profit on the TV side but has a really nice profit margin for internet and phone (phone cost is $7/mo just to give you an idea) and bandwidth is getting cheaper and cheaper.

As more people move away from outdated cable and satellite TV and get into streaming cable cos will charge more for bandwidth even though it costs them less to provide it.
I speak for myself, not my employer.


I still have my original contract that was signed when my service was installed several years ago. I have not made or signed any new contracts; so it seems reasonable that a contract, (a legally binding agreement between two parties) cannot be changed, unless both parties agree in writing. At least that's what the lawyers have been leading me to believe.

This is one reason that we have judges, courts of law, and juries. To determine whether or not contracts are legal and binding; and whether or not either party has breached the contract.

Anyway. I'm not an attorney, but I bet you can find one to answer any questions you have about this issue; and they might even give you a free consultation, if you ask. G'luck.
Have a great day!