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[Network] Effingham County Georgia

Moving here next month, apparently I can only get the 6 mbps package at the new address. Any online gamers internet tv/movie streamers share their experiences with this service? Really worried based on what I've read so far.


Macon, GA
Well, if you live in the city of springfield, you might get a good connection or even fiber. But, if you live out in the country, your screwed! unless, your the only house using that remote router. I say, good luck if your going with windstream. At night, your speed will drop, your ping will be very high. If you play any online multiplayer like Call of Duty, you will always have one bar at night. Its gotten so bad for that my friends are giving me a new nickname "One Bar". There have been times when I have been accused of/ and reported for cheating because of windstream piss poor connection. But when its 1a.m. you will defiantly have three or maybe even four bars. When I move in a couple of years, I will make sure I find a house where windstream is NOT the provider. Its sad when I have to resort to finding a house just to get away from windstream.


Cairo, GA
reply to worriedGamer
I live in south Georgia, I can tell you if you want to get frustrated and break stuff, get WS. I was a big into arena in WoW/Raid and played 4-5 other online games about 3-4 years ago I started to get less than 20% of the 3.0mbps I pay for and it has been hit and miss ever since. Want to watch YouTube videos? A 5 min video may have to be paused for 10 mins to let it load. They maybe better where you plan on living, but you can bet that whatever they are at now is the best they will get.

This was this morning, little less than 50% of my paid for speed and this has been ongoing for right at 4 years. When you do see a bright spot of right at what you pay for it will quickly be dashed by less than 10% of what you pay for. Windstream has managed to royally screw over a DSL service that had promise in the beginning. We had to cancel WoW,Netflix etc because you can't count on a stable connection since they will tell you that their DSLams are @ 98% capacity and they were still signing up more and more customers on overloaded systems. Fixes that were promised 2-3 years ago have yet to materialize or were done incorrect because they yet to fix the problem. If you have another choice go with it.