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Phoenix, AZ

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[CATV] Motorola CableCARD 6 Tuner Support

Are there only certain Motorola CableCARDs, provided by Cox, (Hardware Versions and/or Firmware Versions) that support 6 Tuners.

Someone is being told by Cox in Hampton Roads, VA that Cox Motorola CableCARDs only support 2 Tuners, and I know that is not correct. But there may be only certain Hardware Models that do support all six.

Does anyone know the facts and Version #'s
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Phoenix, AZ

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Motorola has nearly always supported 4 streams with their cable cards and TAs so 2 would have to be extremely old... 6 streams came out on firmware 2.65... Fios customers are reporting in the tivo forums that cards with part numbers 514517-002-00 (MCPOD1) 514517-006-00 (MCPOD2) are having severe pixilating issues especially on hbo/max (their only copy once channels) with the new 6 tuner boxes (514517-017-00 (MCPOD3) seems to work fine with them though some need to reduce the signal). TA support for six streams was added at version 1.36.

FCC requires at least 4 tuner support and if the new contour box is available there, they are required to support at least 6.


Tempe, AZ
reply to BryanInPHX

Is it me, or is anyone else frustrated with this CableCARD business?

I was all for the CableCARD revolution, when it was announced. No more renting set top boxes. Being told of all the CC ready devices (TV's, set top boxes, media PC's, etc.) will be available for the public, and we the consumers would just have to rent the cards at lower rates. Then the cable companies screaming at the top of their lungs "NOOOOooooo!!!! We won't do that."

Now, cable companies have embraced the CC's for their own purposes and they use them in all their own devices (which we have to rent, again). There is virtually no consumer devices being sold that accept CC's, no TV's, no set top boxes, minimal media PC's (except build your own with a tuner card).

Does anyone else, besides me, find this ironic?


Phoenix, AZ

I had some TVs that had cablecard and loved them... to me, it should have taken off a little more but what "killed" it was SDV and on demand and to a certain extent the DVR becoming the main STB in the home... I'm surprised I have not seen a tv that supports SDV directly, unless you count that one tru2way "flop" that I truly think was caused by it's limited release. Currently I have one TV that is capable of having it but switched it to a STB when more channels went SDV and cox offered a free box for a year or two and getting on demand at that location made sense.

Another thing that "killed" it was that it was a little ahead of it's time as most programming was still 4x3 and very much capable of being carried by analog. When you get 80 channels of analog and a dozen or so of the locals in clear qam, cablecard isn't "needed" as much on those 2nd or 3rd televisions (or in my case 12th). It is only now that some providers are going all digital and even encrypting the locals that it is now in demand. But now the manufacturers are in a hard place of whether or not to support it as it is now more in demand but the industry is shifting to streaming and whole house gateway tuners which are "easier" to support.

The cable companies have not "embraced" them for their own purposes... they did this as a forced requirement. The biggest complaint I have is that CSRs should all get proper training on cablecards and be tested on the FCC's "CableCARD: Know Your Rights" before being allowed to be a CSR and if they haven't had the proper training to activate should have the forward number on speed dial to someone that does. They should be banned from giving out false information and trying to get you to switch to their STB and the cable companies should be fined and provide a few free month's of service when they do give out this blatantly wrong information. (Note: right now I can understand a few CSRs stating it does not support 6 streams but it is dumb luck that I feel this because some cards are having problems with 6 and we are only now getting in those details (the new cisco cards support 8 with upgrades on both ends). If they have a 6 tuner dvr they should know that they are required to support 6 streams with cablecard)