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Hawthorne, CA

[Fusion] Fusion speed drop

Hi all,

Since March, I have been using Fusion service through DSL Extreme without any major issue, however recently my downstream speed has dropped significantly. I used to get about 7.5Mb/s down, but now it's at 6.3Mb/s. Nothing has changed on my end, so I'm wondering if there is currently some kind of problem on the ISP side.

Any help or information is appreciated.



Hawthorne, CA
Hi again,

Haha, well I may have figured out the problem. Initially when I checked the outside box, I was paying attention to the wiring and didn't see anything wrong. As I was checking it, a wasp flew out at me (fortunately it's night time and he was a bit disoriented) and that was when I noticed a small wasp nest on the door of the box. I very carefully extracted the nest and my speeds seem to be back to normal.

In the event that it wasn't the cause, I'll post an update but for now it looks good. My apologies for the trouble report, I should have been more attentive.


Chatsworth, CA
No need to apologize - just glad you were able to extricate that nest without incident! I doubt anyone really expects to find such o_O

Feel free to IM me your account info, I can take a look and see if anything seems off from our end.