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[Extreme Plus] Being Ripped Off By Rogers ?

I have Roger's Ultimate package from day one. 150 Mbps. To date it has never ever gone over 80 Mbps. Almost half the advertised speed. Never seen it "burst" beyond that, never seen it waver at all any hour of the day be it off hours when no one should be awake thus least shared traffic, nothing. My primary source of measurement is clean throughput on usenet. Initially when I got it I would note monstrous surges all the way to 1 gb, today it peaks at 80 Mbps and sits there. Likewise on all speed test sites.

Absolutely no doubt in my mind that they have technically "capped" my speed. There is no "upto" 150 Mbps no matter what I do or when I do it. They've fixed the max speed.

Question is how do I prove this and how do I complain about it? Effectively I am being ripped off. Paying for 150 Mbps while they have technically limited the speed.

What do?


London, ON
IMHO Rogers is sending the wrong config file to your modem. Sounds like they still have you on the old 75/10 plan. Sounds like a call to 'Accounts and billing' is in order.


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Very interesting point. Thanks. At least that is a way for me to push them to do something. I will give it a go and report back.


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my mistake (and theirs imo), I got the fastest available for 3 years now Ultimate @ 75Mbps. For whatever reason I got 150Mbps stuck in my head. Because there is the newer Ultimate, Ultimate Plus which is that speed. Now I recall when it originally came out I could not get it. Now I can and have just upgraded (still need a new modem). Someone got my Ultimate package mixed up with their Ultimate Plus. Would have been nice if they automatically told me when it was available in my area.