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BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL
reply to Chesty2p

Re: [TV] Channel Change (Orlando, FL)

said by Anon80:

Thank you! I didn't see or noticed anything about the change coming from them. Anyway, thanks for your reply/

Notices are clearly posted in your local major paper well before each change. You will also find notices in your statements (another good reason to look at your statements).
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Deltona, FL
Where do they post channel updates in the statements? I read my statement every month and I don't recall ever seeing anything about channel changes. This forum and the user HdOrlando is where I get the channel updates.


Lake Mary, FL
reply to BHNtechXpert
said by BHNtechXpert:

You will also find notices in your statements (another good reason to look at your statements

Where do these channel change notices appear on the statements? I never notice them, so I must be missing something.


Winter Springs, FL
Same question.. I just reviewed my statements from April to September and didn't see a single notice regarding channels..


Ocoee, FL
·Bright House Net..
The notices will be on a flyer within the same envelope the statement comes in. Not on the statement itself. There probably isn't going to be a channel change notice with EVERY statement, but you'll have a flyer of some type with every statement.
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Winter Springs, FL
So those of us that save the company money and opt for paperless statements won't get a notice at all? Like I said, I went back and reviewed all the pages from each of my statements on the website from April until September and saw no notices.. They all had one blank page and a page telling me about how easy it is to move with Brighthouse.


Deltona, FL
reply to DCELL
I have never in my memory received these notices in my statement. Usually I get an ad for a sports package or Brighthouse security system. What about all the people who are only viewing their statement online. I mean every time I login I can't do anything until I click I don't want paperless statements. EVERY TIME! So there has to be another way. If it wasn't for HDOrlando (Thanks!) I wouldn't know about any of the channel changes or new additions.

I believe they used to post it somewhere on the website but I don't see anywhere anymore that lists recent channel changes. I even received my September Brighthouse Newsletter via Email tonight and it also had nothing about channel additions. I even have the last 4 newsletters and see nothing about channel additions!

I think it would be nice to see recent channel lineup changes. If it weren't for this forum I wouldn't even know about the addition of the sports channels, or any of the other things that were added! It would be a benefit I would think to advertise all the additions...I mean that is a good thing!