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reply to tomrainking

Re: [Rant] AWFUL

said by tomrainking:

x1DVR simply wouldnt respond today, so i power cycled and it didn't fix the issue. Called and to my surpise after going throug 5 minutes of the system...it gave me a busy signal 7 calls in a row. What a complete and utter joke. There is a problem literally every day with this x1...and now the system isn't available to call in. I understand they'll be "bugs". But this is flat out unacceptable. I'm not paying for the past week because i'm not getting the service I paid for plain and simple. How hard can it possibly be to either make sure a product is ready, or make sure support is available?

No one made you take X1 box . You could use regular DVR. I dont understand people They want something(they know there is still few bugs) when they get it they complain


Gibbstown, NJ
Wow, I guess reading comprehension is the strong suit here. Let's go over this again kids.
1. I'm paying for cable service that i'm not getting.
2. The MAJOR issue in the post, if you read it, is the fact that the support was either busy or kicked me off. The 24 hr support is part of your bill...it's not a charity they give you...it's a service you pay for.
3. I must have missed the part of the install where they explained that there would be daily issues, or any issues at all. In fact, the guy couldn't even figure out how to install the companion box...had to wait 4 days for another guy to come.

Hang in there lil buds...you'll get the reading thing sooner or later