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Methuen, MA

Adding additional routers to my Comcast service

I just switched back to Comcast with the X1 platform. I had Verizon fios with a MoCA bridge, with 3 Actiontec routers in the house. 1 connected in the office, 1 in the bedroom and 1 in the living room. Wireless is great but streaming 1080p movies over wireless is horrible. I was hoping for some direction to see if i am able to add 2 more routers to my network so that I can stream to these other 2 locations. The router that Comcast provides is a Technicolor router. I also do not want to start running cables throughout the house. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated
thank you

Carpentersville, IL
It sounds like what you may need are more wireless access points similar to an item like this from TigerDirect.

»www.tigerdirect.com/applications ··· atId=372

It has one Ethernet port on the back, and allows you to extend your Wireless coverage for a given area. In this case, you only need to run a wire to a few locations and put a bunch of these up in your home to get the coverage that you need.

I would make sure that it supports Wireless n, and is fully configurable to meet your needs.

While that exact make/model may not be what you need, I do believe that the type of product (Wireless Access Point) is what you are looking for.

Hope that helps,

--Brian Plencner

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Methuen, MA
I'm not a big fan of wireless when streaming HD videos and playing video games, I would like to create another MoCa network if possible. Thanks though for the reply

Tomball, TX
There are moca adapters available that you could use(dlink, netgear,etc). Just use the adapters and some Ethernet switches if needed. You don't really need additional 'routers'.