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Re: [DSL] Frontier DSL - Two Modems?

A couple possible solutions present themselves.

1.) Depending on the distance and number of walls the wireless signal has to pass through, you could have Frontier send you their latest wireless N gateway modem.(Netgear 7550-wireless N.) Although I'm far from crazy about the 7550's overall performance, (mass produced, Chinese POS in my opinion,) it will greatly extend the strength and range of wireless coverage your current Westell 327w can't give. (wireless G if memory serves. Had one when we first subscribed to DSL with Verizon.) I'm surprised that Frontier hasn't sent a replacement modem long ago. Westell 7500-w/g replaced the 327 before Verizon dumped us. The Netgear 7550-w/n since then. As an FYI, If you call tech support and have an in home visit scheduled, they may, at your request, swap out the gateway modem for you. This may, or may not keep you from having to pay the additional equipment rental / support fee. Ask to be certain.

2.) Have you looked into the use of Power line Adapters lately? I use them and have had great results with them. Most are pretty much plug-n-play, Pop one adapter into an electrical wall socket close to the modem. Plug one of the, (usually included in the kits,) RJ45 Ethernet cables into an available Ethernet port, the other end into the adapter. Place the other adapter(s) wherever you need them for internet connectivity. The most I've ever had to do to get the various adapters to synchronize was a modem power off/on cycle. If the electrical wiring and breakers are fairly new, you probably would have no problems using that as a cheap, dependable way to get internet access to the other end of the home. If the connection is being used for streaming, or gaming, both perhaps, then a hardwired solution surpasses wireless anytime. They're quite a few to choose from, depending on your throughput needs. The online retailers such as TigerDirect, Newegg, etc... have been running some pretty nice specials on a variety of power-line adapters. I picked up the 2 set's of Actiontech 500mbps adapters for half as much as 1 set of trendnet 200mbps adapters cost me a couple years ago. Price is coming down, dependability is going up. Not to mention the the size of them these days being small enough to no longer cover both plug outlets.



They offered to send me a new modem at one point, but tried to pull the $7/month fee. Not interested, aside from the range, this modem has been a workhorse. I've obviously had it a long, long time.

I might have to look into those power line adapters. Thanks for the tip!

Searching for a new Frontier
Burlington, WV

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TheUncleBob - purchase your own. But do they still have the rental fee? For some reason I thought they did away with the rental fee.

Thanks atigerman.


reply to TheUncleBob

You're welcome. I got around the modem support / rental fee by buying and installing my own ADSL2+ gateway modem. Bought an Actiontech GT784WN (wireless N, dual external antenna.) It's compatible with a number of ISP's, Frontier included. Cost around $80.ish 2-3 years back. Current sale price is $65.00 free shipping @ newegg. URL: »www.newegg.com/Product/Product.a···784WN-01
Actiontech 500mbps power line adapter kit (2) not a bad price at the moment. 55% off $44.00 free ship.
URL: »www.newegg.com/Product/Product.a···er%20kit

The Modem has a nice feel and look to it, much like the westell 327w did. settings interface is pretty speedy and easy to learn and It surpasses the performance of any of the products that frontier is shipping out to most of us on above ground copper wire services. Modem is upstairs, 2 power line adapters downstairs and one in the guest room upstairs. No long runs of Ethernet cable to try and hide or pull through existing conduit, No hassle with trying to bridge modems for use as a wireless extender, etc.. It was an Easy setup for the modem. released the IP on the old modem. powered down. Connected the Actiontech and the wizard pulled the settings auto-magically. It's been my, as you put it, Work horse ever since. I'm sure there are newer, better adsl2+ gateway modems out there available, but this gives quite a bit of bang for the buck and will keep you on budget if you need a cheaper, but dependable solution.