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Going from AT&T to Straight Talk was very smooth (iPhone 4s)

Hi folks, I'm writing to clarify some threads from last month regarding how to switch from AT&T to Straight Talk using the same AT&T iPhone. The lower bills with Straight Talk are tantalizing, but I was confused about several key points and was afraid to risk messing up my phone or losing service for an extended period. Forums I was reading did not offer very clear answers.

In the end, I took the plunge last week with my AT&T iPhone 4 which was still under contract, and am happy to report that so far all has gone very well. Here is my experience - hopefully others will read this and have less anxiety than I did!
DISCLAIMER - I am giving my own experience. From what I read, the switchover process does have its pitfalls, so it pays to read the Straight Talk directions carefully and be aware that unusual issues can apparently happen.

Q. Can I use my AT&T iPhone 4 on Straight Talk?
A. Mine is working great. They offer a "Bring Your Own Phone" process.

Q. Do I need to unlock my iPhone first?
A. I did not unlock mine, jailbreak it, or anything like that. Straight Talk's "AT&T Compatible" SIM card lets your phone work on their system without actually unlocking.

Q. Can i keep my current phone number?
A. I kept mine - Straight Talk lets you "port" your number over.

Q. Do I need to do any prior coordination with AT&T?
A. I went in to my local AT&T store and was told no, AT&T will find out you have terminated your contract when the request to port your number gets processed. Then they will send you the bill for the Early Termination Fee. (I'm still waiting for that gem...)

Q. How do I switch?
A. I just followed the instructions on the Straight Talk website. The process took me about a week overall, from the time I ordered the AT&T compatible SIM card to the time I made my first call over the Straight Talk system. Pretty simple.

Q. Will I be without phone service while the switchover happens?
A. I lost service for a few hours or less (not sure exactly how long; I was asleep). I made the request to port my number before I went to bed, and when I got up in the morning my phone was ready to switch SIM cards, update a few settings, and bingo... up and running on Straight Talk.

Again, the whole process was quite simple. Straight Talk's directions were very clear. The only info missing was what I have discussed here. I hope this will be helpful to other AT&T customers out there who have been afraid to try something different like I was.

Adios, AT&T!


Kansas City, MO

said by Anon80:

Adios, AT&T!

You realize you are still on at&t right? The only difference is now TracFone and Walmart are getting a cut

The ETF might not be as bad as you think depending on how much was left on your contract... they generally do $325 minus $10 for each full month of the contract you completed.

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West Chester, PA
reply to Grace311

How far were you into the AT&T contract??
How much was the ETF that AT&T charged/is charging you??

Based on the monthly savings from going to ST, when will you break even??