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Pickering, ON
reply to davidl

Re: [Cable] email down?

^ Exactly right. Google refuses not to use your emails for advertising to you. And who knows what else. Using Gmail is like wearing Walmart/Costco-branded jeans, except with Gmail everybody knows for sure...it's nothing to brag about, it's mail service you found in a "dumpster". lol

Yeah, my tek mail has been down for a long time this morning, since before 4am here, which is all I can remember since that's when the coffee kicked in...


My motto is Anything But Google. With email there is a ton of choices; I use gmx.com myself - it is a German service so can be relied on, and you can use its pop and smtp servers with an email client.


Waterloo, ON
reply to cfraser1
This is ongoing and ongoing...the thing that is so frustrating is the hassle I would have to go through to notify all my customers plus the emails that have been sent to me that I would never receive..so I have to put up with this bullshit...a normal relationship with a supplier is not supposed to work this way...Obviously there are big issues that Teksavvy either didn't anticipate or that they have no clue how to work around...this is truly disgusting and I curse the day a year ago I decided to come on board here..this is a ship of fools.


Waterloo, ON
Since I have no choice but to stay with teksavvy for now...I have transitioned away from using their email teksavvy.com...It hasn't worked properly for the last three months...since this migration stuff started.. and created new email addresses tied to my website..these never go down for the most part....and allow me to keep in contact with my friends and customers...should have done this a while ago..the hassle is notifying everyone of the change...
There used to be a time when you called into tech support and there were no messages informing us of outages....funny how it is the exact opposite now.