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Harrison, TN

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[Content] Comcast parental controls not allowing content to be watched

I have disabled Parental Controls for Xfinity Online content but still can't watch anything that is rated. It just says: "This video is rated TV-14" etc. I have even tried allowing all ratings, but it still says this and just gives me a link to edit parental controls.

Also whenever I follow the link to edit them again, it reenables the parental controls to allow all content. But I still can't watch the content as I can't get past the message telling me what it is rated.

Known problem?



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Re: Comcast parental controls not allowing content to be watched

You need to get permission from your mom, we're not going to tell you how to get around the system.


Harrison, TN

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reply to NeoandGeo
Thanks for the reply.

If I was a kid trying to get around the system, I guarantee you that you could not tell me how to do so or be of any help, so hopefully that is the last smartass reply.

Back on topic. I see this issue has been raised several times in Comcasts own forums, but none of the topics have ever had a resolution and they just stop getting new posts. Another issue I have found is that after I create a pin and get in to change the controls, the next time I try to change them, it asks me to create another pin. Maybe their system is having technical difficulties right now? Right now it's an endless cycle of creating a PIN changing parental controls only for nothing to happen and the content still being blocked.

I have received this email 8 times:

Dear Comcast Customer,

This email confirms that you recently disabled the parental controls settings for your XFINITY TV Online video service.

This means that all members of your household will now be able to view any XFINITY TV Online content without entering a parental controls PIN.

You can update your parental controls at any time by signing into My Account and clicking on the Users & Preferences tab. If you did not disable your parental controls PIN, or you believe you received this email in error, please call Comcast at 1-800-266-2278.

Thank you for being a valued Comcast customer.
But I am still unable to view any content that is rated.


Grandville, MI
reply to NeoandGeo
what equipment do you have?
How is it hooked to your TV?
Have you made sure that parental controls (V-Chip) have been disabled on the TV as well?


Harrison, TN
This is straight through the Xfinity player app on PC. I have tried Chrome, Chrome Canary, Firefox and IE11. None of them seem to work.


Grandville, MI
Are you using an actual App on the pc or just going to the website? Do you have a tablet or smart phone that you can see if it works on?

I just had a trouble call for this today. Customer was using the website and getting the same issue. My impression was though that "this show is TV-14" was more of a statement rather than the reason for it not showing. You can verify this by changing the ratings to something lower than tv-14. when you watch a show it will then give you some dialogue stating you need to enter a pin..etc.

I think the problem you are actually experiencing is that the stream is not actually starting. Can you see what version of adobe flash you have installed?
I have this version installed (11,8,800,97 ) and it works on my netbook fine using mozilla and Chrome.