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[Scam] Work from home scam

I was offered a work from home job through odesk.com a freelance website. The job was supposed to be for a virtual assistant. They had me sign a contract. Then they had said that upon starting that I am to receive and transfer funds via western union or money gram. I spoke to odesk and they had said it was a scam. They constantly call my home. And then when I said I wasn't interested anymore they said they can take legal action against me for not fulfilling the job. Odesk said I wouldn't be because upon the contract they are producing a scam. They even banned the employer. I have a 2 month old son so I was just wondering is there any way I could be sued or are they just trying to scare me?

..needs sleep

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they can't do anything, they are trying to scare you into working for them. It is a scam and would involve you basically receiving money from ripped off people and passing it onto them. Until one day (possibly) the police come for you.

Conroe, TX
The only "work at home" employment I know of is similar to what my niece does, which is working for Oracle. She lucked onto the job when the company she worked for started using Oracle for their database, then the company was sold and moved; she was fortunate enough to have become friends with quite a few of the Oracle reps, and was able to swing a deal.