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bizarre email correspondence

I use this site basically for information, but thought I would post about a CIKTel kijiji ad experience. Was thinking about switching internet companies. Came across this Ad on kijiji:

»toronto.kijiji.ca/c-services-com ··· 13598192

Got into communicating with them for 50$ 45/4 unlimited service. The emails got so pushy and made no sense to me. On top of this, correspondence came from an email account: BitWay@BitWay.biz

In the end the so called sales person requested I give him all my info via email to open an order up with him. He refused to give me his phone number. Red flags were buzzing in my head. So buyer beware on their kijiji ads. Here is the most relevant info I thought from the exchange. Just thought I would inform people (please follow from bottom up):

said by CIK Correspondence :
On 9/10/13 5:59 PM, BitWay wrote:
> Order is only accepted via email. I will sort the emails according to time stamps and determine who get the promotion first. Phone line will be busy, but email address is never 'busy'. This is fair for everybody.
> My phone number is available for post-sales service only.
> Best regards,
> Stone
> CIK Agent

> On 10/09/2013 5:45 PM, ------------- wrote:
>> Ok. I'm just at work. Can I get your phone number? I'll call you tomorrow with modem info etc.
>> Thanks.

>> On 2013-09-10, at 5:35 PM, BitWay wrote:
>>> You can place an order now. Just email me the information I ask for. I will set the activation day as the same day you are going to cancel the Internet service from Teksavvy.
>>> After you place an order, you can follow up with an order number. Once you pay for your order, your order takes effect and you still have chance to change the activation day if your move delays.
>>> To make sure you can save the installation/processing fee, place an order via me. This promotion is quantity limited and need to be approved. I am not sure the CIK internal sales you contact ( you will not know who answer your call in advance ) still has some left.
>>> Stone
>>> CIK Agent


As a CIK customer I can tell you tell you they do not use BitWay. The phone number is available for post-sales only? That doesn't make much sense.

I believe CIK does have some resellers, perhaps this guy is one of those people, but to conduct business the way he does I would stay away from him regardless.