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St Catharines, ON
reply to s_tux_g

Re: [DSL] Wow, are you serious with this customer support?

Just a point for the OP - have a peek at the Teksavvy facebook page - they're actively looking for more telephone support people.

Other than hiring more people to answer phones, there isn't much they can do to shorten wait times, when there are problems like the current situation with cable outages. Honestly, if more people would assume "hey, the wait time is more then half an hour, there must be a wide-spread problem, it's not just me... so they must already know about it..." then a lot of the problem would go away.

I ran an ISP for 16 years, and still work an internet help line... one thing I can absolutely guarantee is making the wait times so brutal are the people that insist on calling back every couple of hours to say "My internet isn't working." They don't bother to mention that this is their 5th call. Or that they know all about the current issue, and are just calling "in case they missed me."

@JohnnyK - No, they didn't change hands. Look in the stickies - they're having a long term issue with cable internet in some POIs. That means a much higher then normal call volume.

Gwai Lo Dan

L5B 0C8
said by Arbalister:

I ran an ISP for 16 years, and still work an internet help line..

You were with Mergetel right? I was curious a few days ago and googled the company and saw it was closed. Is the internet business too competitive for a smaller internet firm?