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Hilo, HI

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[Seamonkey] Security Exception window missing on 2.20 on XP Pro

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Do I have a bad install of 2.20 on XP Pro? I have no Security Exception window and I depend on that window a lot since I untrust GoDaddy and Comodo/Comodo related certs in all my browsers. I expect to get a window that allows me to make a security exception when I go to a site that has a cert from an untrusted certificate authority. But on SeaMonkey 2.20 on XP Pro, I don't get that. Instead, I get an error "Invalid OCSP signing certificate in OCSP response" but I get that because SeaMonkey does not give me a chance to make a security exception for a site using a cert from an untrusted authority.

I couldn't log in here on SeaMonkey on XP Pro because of the missing Security Exception window. (I finally got it fixed by importing the cert from another browser, installed it in SeaMonkey and then had go through several more steps to get SeaMonkey to accept and use it).

I've now visited several other secure websites on SeaMonkey that use certs from authorities I have as untrusted and NOT ONCE has SeaMonkey provided me with the security exception window! Why?

I have a VMWare Workstation virtual machine running XP Pro and on it I have an older version of Sea Monkey 2.13.2 and it gives me the security exception window and on it
it was quick and simple to set the Godaddy exception for here and get logged in. It should be like that on 2.20.
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Re: [Seamonkey] Security Exception window missing on 2.20 on XP

Works for me, SeaMonkey 2.22a2 (that's a lot of two's) 20130917013001 on XP (also with 2.21 release).

As a test, try from within a new Profile.

(My initial thought was something to do with higher defaulted SSL levels?
I don't mess around with "certs" or whatnot.)