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Stop/Stuck Motion on Analog Cable?

It has happened for some time already. But last was the worst yet. The a/v would freeze every few minutes. The freeze ranged from one second to the teens. Most of the time the a/v would continue from where it froze; just like streaming video. But other times, it got cutoff when the a/v resumed.

If this issue continued, I might as well cut the cord and go with internet based.

This happened on the multiple channels; so that ruled out the fault at the TV stations.

Scarborough, ON
·TekSavvy DSL
With analog TV any stopping, jerking, pixellation or anything except snowy channels is a problem at the head end - unless it's only one channel, then it could be the network feed to Rogers, which is the cable plant, which is the rogers local distribution center.

I cut the cord several years ago. Feels good.

I'm in toronto though so my multiple antenna array picks up all the network channels from Buffalo, Rochester and Toronto. Add netflix and usenet and I am golden.