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London, ON

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Internet Censorship: Fact or Fantasy

Recently in the Rogers Forum we were discussing corporation website censorship to control/stop the flow of FACTUAL truths the company doesn't want us to know or talk about.

The issue at hand then was Rogers: »Rogers Idea Box: Censorship Extreme

TODAY it's Intel: »www.neowin.net/news/intels-wi-fi ··· continue

What do you think? Is Internet Censorship and Government spying getting out of control? Are we mindless little Zombies that have to be spoon fed CAREFULLY EDITED portions of truth? Do you believe EVERYTHING a company prints on it's web site? Do companies have a RIGHT TO LIE?

Would YOU willingly deal with a company that's caught in a web of lies and DECEIT on the Internet?

Should consumers have an INTERNATIONALLY PROTECTED right to a TERMS OF SERVICE clause, that ALL websites MUST adhere to, regarding Censorship and willfully Deceitful practices?


I didn't read either links that you posted quite simply because anything that involves a public relations department will be chalk full of lies and deceptions. This includes everything from every company to every politician.

You can't refuse to do business with everyone, however knowledge is power. You can find out as much as possible about a company you plan to do business with, research and know who you are getting into bed with. A lot of times you can use those lies to your benefit to level the playing field.


London, ON
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reply to elitefx
Regulating what goes on the internet I believe is the last thing anyone wants. Sure you'll get some good regulation like stopping companies from practicing censorship but then you'll get all sort of bad regulation such as censoring blogs or what sites we're allowed to visit.

It's just something IMO people need to learn to live with, the Internet is not a guarantee that you can whatever you want just because you're anonymous. And there are other forms of free speech as well.