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What a long strange trip it's been

Manotick, ON
reply to s_tux_g

Re: [DSL] Wow, are you serious with this customer support?

said by s_tux_g:

This is a root cause of jam, problems and it makes really tech-savvy people piss off when they and CS employees speak different "technical language"

Marc, is there a possibility to open a separate communication channel for veterans in computer industry? We will not call often. We will call only the Internet line is damaged, so one engineer dedicated for such customers support I think is enough. Return please back our old TekSavvy

Veterans? In the 'good-ol-days' the only people who had a computer at home were those that were able to design and build one themselves - And I'm not talking about buying a case, PS, MB, HD, etc from Canada Computers and assembling it. I mean make a schematic & layout, solder chips on a board, and get an 8" floppy with CP/M that you had to customize the BIOS to work on your hardware design. Try to get tech-support for that!

So quit complaining! No matter how smart, or tech-savvy you think you are, don't look down your nose at someone who is less so. There's always someone who could be looking down their nose at you. Be grateful that the computer technology has evolved to the point that it can be utilized by practically everyone.

Why not try to help educate the less knowledgeable, rather than complain about them clogging the queue.


said by WhaleOilBee:

Why not try to help educate the less knowledgeable, rather than complain about them clogging the queue.

Because some people cannot be educated. The reality is that the world is full of morons, and TekSavvy has now become a haven for them.

Scarborough, ON
reply to WhaleOilBee
Well said. Apparently, the ability to put parts together in a case, and install an operating system, makes you a tech savvy person, better than others.

I know fortran, so fear!


reply to tuyennguyen
said by RizzleQ:

+1 The more not-so-tech-savvy people sign up with TSI, the longer each call will essentially be with tech support. It just makes sense.

Look who is talking.

Blame Rogers and now blame TekUnsavvy people for joining TSI.

At least I am happy they(not-so-tech-savvy people) are allowed to have internet or even a touch a computer.

Wow I never new Nerds can only sign-up for TSI.


Bolton, ON
·TekSavvy Cable
i bought a car, it wouldnt start, dealer says what happens when u turn the key, i says what key i was pushing the knob beside the radio as it looks like my brothers lexus's button to start the car.
moral of the story, you should know the basics of something your using like a pc, even rogers asks for users todo some teksavvy stuff