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Auburn, WA
reply to Aozora

Re: [Rant] The tech support over the phone is just atrocious

Their customer service is well documented to be some of the worst in the industry. The other day I wrote in some feedback due to some shoddy "technical" help a gentleman in India gave me. Someone emailed me back with a copy and paste reply littered with spelling and grammatical errors. It's unfortunate as some of the guys higher up than tier 1 are very knowledgeable and friendly.

Mead, WA
I think it's just the luck of the draw when you call tech support.
It used to be when I called support I would always get someone in western Washington. They all knew what they were doing.
Then I started getting someone in Denver and those people were good at their jobs too.
I setup my Granddaughters internet with Comcast and got a person I could no way understand. I hung up and made the call again. That happened 3 more times and I finally got someone in Fife WA. and the account was setup and running in 10 minutes. It took over an hour just to get to someone I could understand and who could understand that I just wanted to get a modem provisioned.
As for the Comcast techs who have had to come to my house over the years, they have all been excellent.
The higher ups who make the decisions as to what call centers are being used should look at that a little closer.