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Slow Internet, 175 UDP and TCP connections


My Internet connection suddenly started running slowly a couple of days ago. Now I can't successfully stream music without constant interruptions which I was able to do before. I ran netstat and found that I have about 175 connections. I have run anti-spyware programs like Spybot but I am still having the problems. I have run the speed test at speedtest.net and that is fine.

Any other suggestions?




Monroe, MI
If you think your issue is spyware/malware related, I'd suggest visiting »Security Cleanup


Shawano, WI
reply to JAR2233
I wouldn't use netstat as a meter to the amount of network traffic on a computer... Lots of local loopbacks happen between programs that can make it look like something is doing what it's not supposed to....

Try using currports (»www.nirsoft.net/utils/cports.html) to see what programs have active connections

What browser do you use? Do you have any security software running? Is there anyone else using the internet connection? Have you installed any new software recently? Are you noticing strange popups or websites being redirected?


Thanks for the info. I do have security software on it. I use Bitdefender antivirus and Malwarebytes Anti-malware.

I also manually use other software to periodically check for spyware: AdwCleaner and Spybot.

I also periodically run ESET online scanner and it occasionally catches something that is missed by others.

I use Mozilla Firefox. No one else uses the network. No redirects but I did notice a new "popup" that got me thinking that I had some spyware because I was getting a small box that would appear when I went to do a Google search and it tries to trick you into clicking on it instead of using Google search as one would normally do.

Anyway, after running all of the above programs, I haven't seen this any more so I think I got rid of it.

What got me searching for problems was that my yahoo email suddenly was timing out all of the time and Spotify (streaming radio) was suddenly cutting out like crazy which it had never done before and I have used it for months.

Still in the process of checking things out, but I'm still having trouble streaming radio. Maybe it is just my ISP is having trouble although, like I said, I did a speed test that showed it was normal.

At this point, this is my only problem that I am aware of...slow streaming of Spotify with constant delays or choppiness.

I don't think it is a security issue. What are some other potential problems that I could troubleshoot?