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Lakeland, FL
reply to fbruno

Re: Verizon failed to mark out their facilities - fiber now cut

Safe dig, or the equivalent for your area make the marks, Verizon has nothing to do with it


Berwyn, PA
·Verizon FiOS
That is not how things appear to be done in the suburban Philadelphia area. Verizon has chosen to maintain responsibility for completing physical markouts requested through the PA One Call organization. The electric and gas company (PECO) has farmed out the work to a vendor. The cable company, water company and sewer authority also complete their own markouts. Go figure.

Caveat Emptor
United State
·TracFone Wireless
reply to guppy_fish
Where I live JULIE is only required to mark public utilities. If Verizon is delivering phone over copper they can be held accountable by the STATE Commerce Commission or PUC/PUB.

Otherwise the contractor is on the hook for all damages.
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Wisconsin Rapids, WI
reply to guppy_fish
said by guppy_fish:

Safe dig, or the equivalent for your area make the marks, Verizon has nothing to do with it

I don't know how your city does it, my in mine you see a truck roll from each company to mark their own services, and they may not all come out on the same day either.

So no, no one place makes the marks.


here in Delaware, a contractor contact's Miss utility before digging or boring. Then the utility companies have 72 hours to mark up their facilities. Verizon here in Delaware has a sub contractor, Danella line service, does all their locates, the entire state. Also parts of PA., and maryland. here in Delaware the fiber which verizon uses has no tracer built into the sheating, that's a fact. Also Danella does all verizon cable and conduit placement here in Delaware and in most parts of PA and Maryland. So much cheaper to have this contractor. Also Danella sub's out most fios work to even cheaper contractors. Danella is slowly taking so much of verizon work, that's why verizon is slowly ridding their own workers for this very cheap labor. it's a shame.
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