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Whitney, TX
reply to CTFL

Re: [Troubles] Business class connection?

I,m guessing You pay the extra price for priority 1 support,, now how much better that is from regular support is up for debate lol


I can tell you from past experience, the support on business isn't much better than it was for residential. Back in July had a single thunderstorm come through and lost both phone and DSL. Had to drive a few miles up the road to call it in as cell service sucks here. Sent a tech out a few days later who said they were going to check the line. Tech left and never returned. Still no service. Called in from cell to find out the ticket was closed and repairs were completed. Trouble is, we still had no service. WS agreed to send out another tech. Tech never showed up and still no service. Called in from cell to find out...you guessed it, the damn ticket was closed again. WS agreed to send out yet another tech, this time they couldn't give us a day/time as they were real busy...just said it would be in a few days. Long story short, After FIVE frustrating days without phone or DSL we finally got service restored. The trouble ended up being an open wire two poles down the road, what should've been a simple 30 minute fix on day one.

So, five days without service - I hardly call that priority. In fact, I would call it not giving a shit about your customers, in plain English.

Fairfield, IA
well I still have some service. Today it was back down to 194 kbps down and 270 kbps up. Had lost my part time job from home but got a call today to offer me a different position that will still need internet for but at least the speed will not be as critical. I had similar situation but never lost connection. Keep having tickets closed as fixed but the situation never changed. Internet connection still bad. They finally found the trouble but still waiting for someone to replace or fix the lines coming on down the road to me. I can't figure out why someone doesn't at least run a line over the ground or hang one up for a temp fix while they argue on where they are going to get the money to do a permanent fix. The old telephone company that Windstream bought out did that for me at a different location about 10 years ago. Fixed the problem till they could get a crew in to bury the cable.