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Heave Steve, for the good of the country

[TV] Channels 100+ keep disappearing - Bathurst/St.Clair Toronto

A friend of mine has had his TV channels constantly disappearing for the past week or so. They are there part of the day and gone the rest of the day.

Rogers acknowledges that he subscribes to all the VIP channels above 100 and when he calls support they sometimes can get the channels working again for a short while and then they die again within a day.

He's got one of the new 8-channel PVR's and is also using the Rogers Home network to watch the PVR recordings on another TV.

Anyone else in a similar situation? Any suggestions other than ditching Rogers (under serious consideration at the moment)?



Re: [TV] Channels 100+ keep disappearing - Bathurst/St.Clair Tor

Sounds like a technical issue, not programming. Do you know if this happens if there is more moisture in the air? It could be a bad connection somewhere. Could be squirrels. They eat cable.

Heave Steve, for the good of the country

It's a condo with all inside wiring and underground cable service entrance to the building. No squirrels or rats.

He 'upgraded' to the 8-chanel PVR about 2 week ago from the old 2-channel PVR.


York, ON
reply to MaynardKrebs

He is not alone.

I've had intermittent signal for the last week. It works at sometimes during the day, then I have no signal again until like 9:30pm.. then it magically resolves itself.

A tech came out on Friday morning to my place, but it was magically working that morning. I showed the tech photos of my screen showing weak signal strength on the diagnostic screen.. he didn't really care... basically he said that if he does not witness the problem himself there is nothing he can do. He told me that I have to book another appointment and hopefully it happens at the time when that tech comes out to the house.

I've booked another appointment for Monday afternoon... hopefully it's not working when that tech arrives. And they can get someone at Rogers to boost the signal. Otherwise I've just about had it... I'll probably dump Rogers and go with Fibe TV.